sonic amulets

=”text-align: center;”>A sonic amulet is a healing song that I write for you alone.

Here’s how it works:

The first step is spending about an hour on the phone together. We create a sacred space in which to dive deeply yet safely into what is truly bothering you. I use singing, silence, guided meditation, and my own deep listening to uncover whatever it is, no matter how big or how small, that is preventing your heart from being free and your soul from being at peace. Then we say goodbye.

I take whatever has arisen in our time on the phone and let it incubate in my own heart until a song is ready, a just-for-you message in response to what’s troubling you.

Then I deliver your sonic amulet by email. You’ll receive a sound file, a printable version of the lyrics, and page of instructions on how to make the best use of your sonic amulet.

Let’s take the case of Mandy S. who brought to our time together her concerns about some ongoing health problems she has been facing for a long time.

“I very much appreciated the way that you listened and honored me….”
– Mandy S.

Mandy has generously agreed to let me share her sonic amulet with you, if you’d like to listen: “Nothing Wrong at All”

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song. Did I mention that I love the song. I love the melody, the timing, the key, perfect amount of variance and repetition. More importantly, it speaks to my soul’s primal wound — around feeling like something is wrong with me…it felt like you got to the absolute core of my personal journey….[Y]ou took the details of my life and distilled it….”
– Mandy S.


How does this all work?

I understand it (to the extent that I understand it) as a process of “deep crying out to deep” (Ps. 42:8). In our time together, I’m listening for the deepest part of you, just trying to take all of it in. Once we hang up, I begin the process of listening for the response that starts bubbling up from the deepest part of me.

This plumbing of the depths is what all songwriting is about for me; the difference with a sonic amulet is that you have also shared your deepest self with me and it is my depths’ response to your depths that arises as an amulet.

Like a physical talisman, a sonic amulet is meant to be carried with you and used to help direct your own attention toward healing and protection. How might you make use of your sonic amulet?

“Today I listened to the song repeat for a good 30 minutes while I cried, and released many layers of pain and also filled myself with deep love and peace. I could feel it in my cells bringing me life and well being….”
– Mandy S.

I hope this helps you understand more about what a sonic amulet is and how it might be of benefit to you or someone you love.

“I would want others to know how powerful this experience has been and how surprised I am at how it has supported my process in organically healing deep wounds. I would definitely recommend it as…a wonderful way to receive personalized support again and again and again.
– Mandy S.


Ready to hear what your own depths are trying to tell you?

I charge $500 per sonic amulet. You book your phone session by paying a $200 retainer and the balance is due when I deliver your amulet.

Begin the sonic amulet process by scheduling our phone session.

Want to give someone else the gift of a sonic amulet? Gift certificates are available; contact me for details.