Songs of Soothing: Episode 10 “Turning Song”

In honor of the New Moon of the Hebrew month of Elul — the month in which we bring our hearts to returning to our truest selves — I wanted to share this “Turning Song” with you. It takes (as in “steals”) most of its lyrics right from the Book of Psalms.

One note: So far, each episode of the podcast has been made by just singing into my iPhone and I love the simple honesty and directness of that. But I also love this version of “Turning Song” that’s on my latest studio album “at the edge of the unknown” so I thought I’d offer this “studio version” of the podcast. If you’d like to know more about the album as a whole, come see me over at

I’d love to know your thoughts, not only on this production choice, but on what helps you come home to your truest self.

Many blessings for turning.

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