rooted in love

“″ target=”_blank”>Rooted in Love” is sonic amulet written for a California rabbi facing issues of loss and longing.

Of the sonic amulet process, A. writes:

Very moving…Also powerful and slightly nervous-making to imagine that my words/process were been heard and in some way sifted for song-kernels.

A. shares what this new model of just-for-you healing song meant for her:

Healing.  Meaningful.  Tender and prayerful.  I have shared the song with only a select few.  I hold it precious and dear.  I find the song deeply grounding, connecting to memory and possibility.  I am profoundly grateful to receive such an amulet.  I wish I could hear…a whole album of amulets just for me.

The sonic amulet is yours and yours alone. While I retain the usual copyright for works of art, I will not publish or distribute your sonic amulet in any way without your explicit consent. Believing deeply in the power of the sonic amulet process and wanting to share that with the world, A. has given me permission to share “Rooted in Love” with you.

So, have a listen.  May it be of comfort.

Ready for your own sonic amulet that sings to your unique heart and soul? Be in touch.


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