Drink deeply from the well of soothing that is always available to you.

When we ourselves connect with soothing, we are better able to offer true comfort and compassion to those around us. May the soothing you experience here be like a pebble dropped in the sea of your heart, sending out ripples of solace to all others you encounter on your way.

It’s so easy to try to soothe ourselves with escapist, numbing attempts at false comfort.

Songs of Soothing are an antidote to life’s agitations, a nourishing alternative to the junk food of the soul.

Songs have always been my anchor hold in life’s stormy seas. My mission with Songs of Soothing is to offer others a deep connection with this source.

I can tell the love you put into your music because you can feel it when you listen.
– Martha Beck, writer and life coach

The podcast offers a soothing song in each episode.

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